2016 Overview

Tim Jenkinson - Thursday, February 11, 2016


We are all set to go for 2016. I've had a few more people wanting in this year, which is great, but admin heavy. As result, I've got a bit more involved with the website and am making it do the hard work for me.


The site is very simple, it will evolve, but what it does do is take SECURE online payments. This year you will be required to pay via credit card when you either sign up for the year, or register for an event. If there is demand for it, i will add an option for pay cash on the day, but this current set up is my prefered option.

I'll try to make better use of the blog section this year and keep the emails to a minimum.


Click the Sign up on the new home page. The yearly fee is once again $150


Saturday March 5th - Mandalay - 7:45 - $50

Please note that Round 1 is our only Saturday day of the entire year and it's simply due to lots of players having events on in March and it being the only suitable day.

Click the Schedule menu and sign up and pay.


the full schedule will be online soon online, but the basic rule is - THE FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH

Add the ics calendar to your phone or pc (or your wife's)

Saturday 5/3/16 Club Mandalay 7.45am Round 1

Sunday 3/4/16 Gardiners Run 7am Round 2

Sunday 1/5/16 Yering Meadows 8.10am Round 3

Sunday 5/6/16 TBA Round 4

Sunday 3/7/16 TBA Round 5

Sunday 7/8/16 TBA Round 6

Sunday 11/9/16 Moonah Links Open 7.30am Round 7

Sunday 9/10/16 Rossdale 8.24am Playoff 1

Sunday 6/11/16 Sandhurst Champions 7.32am Playoff 2

Sunday 4/12/16 Eynesbury TBC Champ


Mariano Spannuth commented on 07-Nov-2016 03:18 AM

Awesome blog, going to bookmark it!


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