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Need IT or Remote Support?

Need IT support fast?

1300 FITZ IT

SOS - One Time remote support

Download for Windows or Mac and let us know the 9 digit code.

Fitzroy IT Mac Splashtop SOS Fitzroy IT Mac Splashtop SOS (6484 KB)

Fitzroy IT Windows Splashtop SOS Fitzroy IT Windows Splashtop SOS (6181 KB)

Fitzroy Remote installs - For MSA clients only

Fitzroy Agent

Naverisk Windows Agent v2019.1 Naverisk Windows Agent v2019.1 (1718 KB)

Fitzroy IT Splashtop Deployment

1. Download the installer.

2. Run the installer

3. Enter this 12-digit Code JYHSR3JSK543

Splashtop Deployment Mac Splashtop Deployment Mac (11356 KB)

Splashtop Deployment Windows Splashtop Deployment Windows (28928 KB)