Design Survey

1.0 Company Profile

1.0 Colours

Select up to 3 primary colours

Select up to 3 primary colours and 1 neutral colour that you think best match matches your compant identity.

Select 1 neutral colour

If you have specific RGB, CMYK, or Pantone colour numbers enter them here

2.0 Fonts

Which is your favourite?

Select one font that you think best matches your company identity.

3.0 Photography

Find up to 3 photos that match up with the desired design. These can be photos you already have or stock photos from websites like iStock.com or Google image search.

e.g. http://www.istock.com or http://www.google.com/imghp

Photo #1

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Provide website link to photo

Photo #2

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Photo #3

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Pick up to three (3) adjectives that descirbe the look, feel, tone, and mood you want in your website design. Then expand on each with some brief insight to your thoughts and feelings on why you selected each word.

Visit this link to view a list of adjectives - http://www.hotpressweb.com/_docs/adjectives.pdf


Additional comments, ideas, thoughts?

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Fitzroy IT is an IT support and digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Working with diverse clients, Fitzroy IT adopts an agile approach to providing digital services, including premium websites, responsive design, strategy and branding, e-Commerce systems and content marketing.

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Fitzroy North VIC 3000
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