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The Room Xchange


Meals & Accommodation in Xchange for Time

In exchange for two hours of household tasks, The Room Xchange provides guests with accommodation while it provides hosts with the most precious resource of all: time.

The Challenge

For The Room Xchange's founder and CEO, Ludwina Dautovic, and her team, finding the right people to work with would be the first in a series of challenges that come with building a multi-million-dollar platform.

"Whoever we worked with had to be good enough to get us to the next build," Mrs. Dautovic told us during an interview.

"Just making that decision [of who to work with] was challenging in and of itself. The guys at Fitzroy IT seemed genuine and nice and seemed like they could actually manage the build."

The Room Xchange project was not a small task.

"The platform needed to house different moving parts that would work together seamlessly. The Room Xchange needed a well-designed, self-sufficient platform that helped guests and hosts interact, while bringing offline processes online."

"It's a very complex process, building a website like this," Mrs. Dautovic said, "Anything that you want to change can affect so many other different things. There are so many different moving parts."

The Result

We developed a model for The Room Xchange platform that ticked the right boxes. Anything that could be automated to help CEO Ludwina Dautovic and her team achieve their vision, we seamlessly integrated in the Room Xchange platform. But because of the complexity of the project, and the number of moving parts and team members involved in the project, there were some communication challenges and delays.

"Issues are going to arise in big projects like this," Mrs. Dautovic said, "and the great thing that happened, between Fitzroy IT and The Room Xchange, is that when the complexity of those challenges occurred, an open dialogue happened, all the time. We were able to work through those challenges together."

At Fitzroy IT, we work with our clients closely and honestly. If any problems arise that might affect the outcome of the project, we always strive for an open line of communication, so that we can come up with the best solutions to address any problem. Different projects present different challenges, and we're always right by our clients when they arise. With The Room Xchange, we updated our processes to closely match Ludwina and her team, to alleviate any recurring problems.

"I think it's great when two companies can acknowledge that there are some issues—big or small—and work together to rectify those and, ultimately, achieve the best outcome," Mrs. Dautovic said, "The technology that Fitzroy IT has built is great. People are signing up and creating profiles. The team has helped take our ideas and create the flow and the model that we're now working with."