Business Survey

1.0 Company Profile

Describe the mission or purpose of your business:

Please answer in a ‘30 second elevator pitch’ format for someone who knows nothing about your business.

Identify the major product and service offerings of your business:

Just the name and a brief setence detailing the offering.

What makes each offering unique, interesting, and valuable:

It is important for us to understand how your products and services are better than the competitions.

In eight (8) words or less, describe your business:

Looking back at the answers just provided, sum up your business in a nutshell.

2.0 Target Customers

Identify groups of people your business wants visiting the website:

Just the name of the audience/customer group and a brief sentance detailing a few key demographic details.

What personal reasons does each group have for visiting your website:

It is important for us to understand the mindset, expectations, and desires each group has when visiting your website.

Describe the action your business wants each group to take while on the website:

It is important for us to understand what the conversion goal or action you want each group to perform.

Business Factors

Describe your core business strengths:

Please describe what your business is really good at, what you are known for, and how you are superior to your competitiors.

Describe areas where your business can improve:

Please describe what your business desires to become better at, reasons you lose customers, and how your competitors outperform you.

What opportunities does your business want to take advantage of:

Please describe any new angles you foresee your business potentially taking advantage off in the near future.

What risks does your business need to avoid:

Please decribe any current or potential pifalls your business needs to mitigate in the near future.

Indentify the website addresses of your competitors:

Just the website URL - example: http://fitzroy.it

Project Objectives

Describe your goals and expectations for your new website:

Please be as detailed as poassible.

Define specific short-term targets for each:

We need to be able to measure the success of each goal. What short-term (6-12 months) targets can we reasonable set for each.


Additional comments, ideas, thoughts?

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Fitzroy IT is an IT support and digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Working with diverse clients, Fitzroy IT adopts an agile approach to providing digital services, including premium websites, responsive design, strategy and branding, e-Commerce systems and content marketing.

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